I've been a bad boy...

Michele and I took Benjamin to the Minnesota State Fair on Friday.

Yes, I have been very good about my eating, and exercising lately... But Friday - I "fell off the wagon"...

While at the State Fair I enjoyed the following culinary delights...

1. Foot long hot dog (Smothered in fried onions)
2. Hamburger
3. Pronto Pup
4. A few Tom Thumb Mini-Donuts (we shared a bag of them)
5. Half a container of Cheese Curds (fried) - (again we shared them)
6. Two half cups of soda.

and we ended the night off sitting on a bench sharing

7. A bag of Kettle Corn. (shared - with leftovers brought home).

Thankfully I was walking all day, and will be walking this morning, and during my work break tonight... Perhaps if I "fast" for the next 3 days while keeping up with the walking regiment, I may break even...

But dammit if that was not the most delicious afternoon I have had in a long time!!! (grin)


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