My "Bucket List"

New FOF feature...

(Not in any specific order)

I'll add to this list as items come to mind.
I'll cross them out if and when I "cross 'em off" the bucket list!

1.  Restore an old tube radio to bring the "Golden Age of Radio" back to life!
2.  Visit Backside of Forty on his turf.
3.  Visit my cousins and their families in Madawaska, Maine
4.  Own / drive a motorcycle.  Take a motorcycle "road trip".
5.  Visit Alaska.  Preferably, rural Alaska - for an "extended" trip.
6.  Travel by train.
7.  Build, maintain, own a "tiny DIY cabin" in the woods somewhere.
             This can be a yurt, octagonal, solargon, geodesic dome, "shed", "barn", etc...
8.  Tattoo.
9.  Be arrested (for a non-violent, "victimless" crime), and spend a night in jail.
10.  Stay in a yurt.

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