Thirty Five Minutes

I was already working as a Fire Dispatcher for a fire alarm as when my partner took a call of a “fully involved engine compartment fire”.  He shouted over to me that I have another fire call to tone out.  As I pulled the call up I realized that the location of the Vehicle fire just so happened to be directly under under one of MnDot’s freeway cameras!!

While I was putting out the initial dispatch, my partner pulled up the freeway camera!

Once I had the first unit on the scene, I was able to check the camera.  I took some screen captures to send to the Fire Fighters inside the responding engine.

I sent the photos home, and arranged them into a “A 35 Minute slice of life a Police Dispatcher”.





“Engine one arriving, laying a quickline”.








Not long afterwards I heard “Water on the fire” over the radio.  I checked back and sure enough!!







Engine 1 – “Dispatch, the fire is out.  We are completing an overhaul.  Dispatch, order a tow please.”

Dispatch - “10-4”







Then the owner is taken to their vehicle with Engine 1’s crew and gets their first look at what used to be their vehicle…  They are likely retrieving some personal belongings out of the vehicle before it gets towed off to “car heaven”.







With the property out of the vehicle (in a little pile on the curb next to the slider), and the owner awaiting a tow truck – the firefighter begin cleaning up.







The tow has arrived.  Here you can see the tow truck driver cabling the vehicle.








The tow truck driver beings winching the vehicle for removal.








The tow driver doing some last minute clean up.








Here, the tow has pulled away, and the Police Cruiser (who was blocking traffic) is now clearing the scene.








Thirty five minutes after we get call, the fire extinguished, the vehicle has been towed away, all units have cleared the scene, and the road is opened to traffic again.



Thanks go out to the members of BPD / BFD and my dispatch partners!  Each of you do an amazing job keeping all of us safe!!

There you have it – a thirty five minute slice of a day in the live of a Police / Fire Dispatcher!  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. That's efficiency. Thumbs up for the team!

  2. Sis here...

    Well done BPD!!! But, thanks goes to the most fabulous dispatcher that coordinated all the activity. Its pretty incredible to think what 35 minutes can bring...ranging from nothing to speak of to car fire, extinguishing fire, clean up and tow. I can hardly get the kitchen cleaned in that amount of time! Perhaps if you dispatch the BPD, that could get done in 35 mins too! -grin!-

  3. Pretty neat, thanks for sharing.


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