Four Hundred and Twenty Three Dollars??

Yes... $423.00.

My income tax return? My Property Tax Return? Inheritance? Windfall? No, no, no, and no.
The amount #1 of 5 has to pay for his high risk auto insurance (monthly)? Close... But not quite right either.
So tell us already FOF, what are you talking about??
Well folks, $423.00 is the amount of the fine for my recent "driving without a motorcycle endorsement", and "failure to produce proof of insurance" tickets.
Yup, you read it here first folks!!
Little ol' me (a lowly "Father of Five") was tagged for driving (a motorcycle) without a motorcycle endorsement, and I failed to produce proof of insurance. The worst part of it all? This ticket came from one of the officers that I work with on a daily basis!

Now, before I worry some of you like I did with THIS POST, or get all you "girls who like the bad boys" a-swoonin' (like I may be some sort of "Rebel without a Cause"), Let me fill you in with the whole story. It's much less "James Dean" than it initially appears to be.
Let me start at the beginning... I'll be brief... I promise.
When we moved out to where we are at now, I had decided that I wanted a motorcycle to save a little on gas for my commute, and to fulfill a long time desire I had (ahem... have). I started saving my money.... I took (and passed) the Knowledge Test (Motorcycle Permit), and signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Course. It was while I was waiting for the Course to start (and out shopping for motorcycles) that we were surprised with the news of the impending birth of #4 of 5 sometime in the next eight or so months...

I knew what that meant... More time as a "one income" family. That also meant that the money I had saved for a motorcycle would come in extra handy when trying to keep our financial boat afloat.
Motorcycle plans - shelved indefinitely...
Fast forward nine years or so... Acting out my duties as a dispatcher, I was helping an officer out who had someone on a motorcycle pulled over. That person had told the officer they had a motorcycle instruction permit, but not on them at the time (but in reality, never had a permit). To help him identify if this person did or did not have the permit, I sent the officer a copy of MY driving record (where it shows that I once had a motorcycle instruction permit) as an example.

Somehow, the officer's ticket printer captured MY name and info into it's system from the officer's squad computer. The officer caught it right away, and manually corrected the screen to reflect the accurate data (I know he changed it, because I have a copy of the ticket - more on that later). Yet, behind the scene (electronically) when that ticket was submitted to the county for processing, the county's computer pulled my electronic (i.e. invisible to the user) information from it - and "officially" tagged me with the offences.

This was discovered about a week later by one of the Police Department's clerical staff, and the ticketing officer submitted the necessary requirements to void the ticket in my name, but as of yet - it is still a current tag in the system...

I will have to keep an eye on this tag, because if it does not clear itself up, and / or I do not pay it off (which I refuse to do) - a warrant will be issued for my arrest!
Yup, I'll be a wanted man... Marked for arrest... "On the lamb"...
Odd fact #4532 about me... To be completely honest - I would not mind "being arrested" at all. Yeah - it's strange - A couple of my co-workers think I have gone over the deep end, but in having to deal with this all the time (the arrest and booking process) - I am oddly "curious", and I would find it strangely interesting to go though the process, having to experience it "first hand" myself (without having to commit a crime or the fear of it being a "real" arrest and the consequences that follow...) - Ya know... Just to say I've been there... Done that...

What would make it TOTALLY AWESOME would be if my good friend The King of Clubs was to be the one to "arrest" me!! How cool would that be? Who knows... I might even "resist" a little, and give him an opportunity to use his taser!

In the mean time (waiting to see if this clears itself up, or if I am going to get arrested) - I have kept a paper trail of everything (a copy of the ticket, the county records, and the email sharing the discovery of the events that happened... dd concoction of events that "could" lead up to my eventual arrest - to help facilitate my release.
My apologies go out to one reader in particular who's family had a HORRIFIC ordeal that included a false arrest. In no way do I want my strangely odd curiosity to diminish, belittle, or insult the tragedy and outright barbaric injustice they had to endure. I hope it does not come across that way... What I am talking about here is something completely different.


  1. I didn't take it the wrong way at all. I hope the paperwork snafu gets worked out quickly. Maybe you could arrange to have yourself arrested as a training exercise. This way you could get paid while doing your time.

  2. ..the heck is a "Motorcyle Endorsement."

    Is that like Tiger Woods and Nike? Does Honda come out publicly and say, "That FOF is one cool dude" and then you don't have to worry about tickets anymore?

    That would be cool!

  3. You can not drive a motorcycle in Minnesota without a Motorcycle Endorcement to your Minnesota Drivers License... It is a whole different permit, exam, and test.

    If you pass those, you get a "Motorcycle Endorsement"

  4. I hope they have internet from jail.

  5. I certainly look forward to your blog if your curiosity is satisfied.


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