A Nice Little Surprise

Today while at work, the police receptionist called me and said I had a visitor.

Visitor???  Being "sequestered" in the 911 center, it's pretty rare that I get a visitor, so needless to say I was a little surprised...

Since the 911 center is housed in the police department, it is not unusual to have police officers stop in... Paperwork, Follow up, listening to a 911 call, say hello - you know - cop stuff...

But, today's visitor was a little different! 

Today - one of the FIREFIGHTERS I dispatch for stopped by to say hello.  Initially, we have gotten to know each other through our blogs (More Coffee Please), and then a bit more through facebook, but this morning we got to meet face to face for the first time! 

It was quite nice to meet another one of our local heroes, and put a face to one of the voices I work with.  An added plus...  This was only his second time in the dispatch center.  I think the firefighters we dispatch for should stop up a little more often.  We know our cops pretty well, but I know very few of our firefighters...

This local hero spent several days representing our Fire Department helping the victims of the flooding of the Red River in the Fargo/Moorehead area.  He showed me some photos he had in his iPhone...  Amazing stuff!

Thanks for all you do Chad, and thanks stopping up !


  1. The next time, you tell that hose-dragger to go out and practice building some fences for me, OK?

  2. I actually was going to make refrence to your fence (with links)... but I did not want to open any old wounds....

  3. Don't worry, those wounds have not yet begun to heal. So poke away!


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