It is with Great Sadness...

It is with great sadness that this message is being posted.

Today, at appropriately 1050 hours, (while training with the SWAT team), the author of this blog (Father of Five) was shot and killed after taking an 11 month old baby hostage, and threatening to harm and / or kill the child.

The local police made numerous attempts to to negotiate with him, but all were unproductive.

After several failed attempts to reason with Father of Five, it was clear that his intent was to place the life of the child in serious jeopardy.

Having given them no other viable option, the police had no choice but move in and attempt a rescue of the baby.

After locating the subject barricaded in a back bedroom, poised in a stance to kill the child, the local police were left with no choice but to utilize deadly force.

The Father of Five was shot a total of eight times, and pronounced dead on the scene.

The baby was located safe and unharmed, and was returned to it's rightful owner.

It was then determined that the baby was actually a doll, used as a prop, and the shots fired at Father of Five were training rounds.

After a brief recovery peroid (just a few minutes of rubbing a couple of welts) Father of Five was back on his feet, and is expected to make a full recovery.

No arrests were made, and the Father of Five was released, and exonerated from any criminal charges.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First off, let me relieve some of you. I (Father of Five) am just fine. I can assure you that I am still completely alive, kicking, and ready to annoy those around me (which I do oh-so-well!)

Secondly, please accept my apologies for the disturbing "news release" in the top portion of this post.

I know, I know... It is pretty disturbing... And does not fall in the normal "The Life of a Father of Five" genre... But let's not forget that (although I am late by five days), it WAS just April fools day... and I can be slightly "twisted" (at times).

Ok, yeah... the "news release" sounds HORRORIFIC... But give me a moment before you click on the little red "X" in the upper right hand corner of your screen in utter disgust.

Today was a full fledged day of training for our SWAT teams. All of the teams. The Tactual Team, the Hostage Negotiators, the Bomb Squad, and the SWAT Dispatchers (that's me!).

training1I was chosen as a role player for one of today's training exercises.

I was the bad guy.

I was a bad guy indeed. The Devil incarnate.

The scenario was pre-built. I jumped into the roll, and within a general framework, I got to ad-lib the situation to provide either the Negotiators an option to train (which I did for a while) and the Tactical team a chance to train (which I also did).

I will save you from some of the nightmarish details of the scenario, but I will tell you that I knew how it was going to end before it began. The outlook for me was grim from the onset. I provided the police no options except to come in and get me, and when they found me, I left them no alternatives but to shoot and kill me.

And they DID shoot me. Yes my friends, I WAS actually shot today (eight times). In the photos to the right, you see "training ammunition".

These are the eight "bullets" that were fired at me, hit me, and killed me (thus saving the life of my baby hostage). They are not quite "paint balls". They are "paint balls on steroids". The are "Paint Bullets". They use real gun-powder (not air) to propel, and are shot through real-honest-to-goodness guns. I have the welts to prove it.

Painful? Slightly.

Unbearable? No.

Scary to have a gun pointed in your face? More than you can understand! (and I have the soiled undies to prove that too!)

Thrilling? Oh yeah!!

training2I imagine this may sound awfully grim to most of you, but before you make up your mind - I have to tell you a couple of things.

These specialized Tactical officers are something else! They work, move, communicate, observe, and react as one. Being in the Command Post (as a dispatcher) I get to HEAR what goes on over the radio, but being the roll player, I got to SEE what they do.

Let me tell you, watching them do what they do best is nothing short of AMAZING! It gives one a new appreciation for what "they" do out there!

Most of these training Scenarios are true, or only slightly modified from real life situations so as to fit the specifics of our parameters. (This one was no different...)

Folks, there are MONSTERS among the rest of us out there. These SWAT officers put their lives in jeopardy to help put a stop to the people that are capable of doing unthinkable things to others.

As horrific as this all sounds, my playing the role of a the villain, helped train our police officers to learn how to affect a successful outcome to any potential future incident(s) that come up - and I am PROUD to have done my part!

I look forward to any other opportunities to yell profanities at the police and get away with it to provide the officers from my police department (some who read this blog) an opportunity to "shoot" and "kill" me in the name of training!

I'd like to extend a hearty thank you, and my utmost respect go out to my department's SWAT Teams (plural). Thanks for a fun, educational, and productive day of training!

Now, will you forgive me for the "news release"? (I am going to publish this post, and hope for the best... I'm afraid it went a little bit "over the top", hence the apology.)


  1. Holy You-know-what.

    My heart nearly stopped when I got to the "shot and killed" part.

    On one hand, that wasn't very nice. But on the other, it's 9:30pm, it's been a very long day, and I am now fully awake!

    So, thanks for the shock to my system.

  2. Sorry Idaho Dad...
    (Ok, only a "little" sorry... wink)

  3. #1 ~ I'm glad that you are okay and this was just training.

    #2 ~ I felt a solid punch in the gut that knocked the wind right of me. Before I could the next sentence my mind raced with thoughts of your family and their trauma.

    #3 ~ You weren't the only one to unleash the profanity.

  4. Freakin- A- oh my God!
    Dude... I turned off my radio when I started reading this...
    Man, don't do that. This is why I HATE April Fools..

  5. You had it coming...

  6. Geez. you got me too.. yikes.

    How's dispatching going for ya in your neck of the woods.

  7. Don't do that to this old girl's heart! You almost got to read my obituary on my blog. Oldest Child also let out an unholy GASP until she realized you were not actually, you know, a bad guy who had been shot to pieces.

    I bet you're enjoying yourself, aren't you? ;)

    On the other hand, thanks for helping train the good guys.

  8. Have fun with those welts buddy! They tell you that they go away but they don't!!!

    Next time you see #289, ask to see his SCAR from where I shot him at.

    Less lethal yes, but not far from disfiguring!

    Great post buddy!


  9. Dave,
    to quote you;
    "After a brief recovery peroid (just a few minutes of rubbing a couple of welts) Father of Five was back on his feet, . . ."
    You should be honest with those who frequent your blog. Really.
    Dave, where were you shot? (Don't say in the back room of the house)
    Dave, be honest and tell people where you had the "welts" and where / what you were rubbing . . . and for how long. I know this site is family friendly - usually, but honesty still is the best policy.
    - Co-worker

  10. LOL you totally deserved that co-worker comment! That's the payback for making the rest of us have minor strokes.
    I hope you didn't get an unwanted vasectomy.

  11. Being busy and a little slow, I was fortunate to read this AFTER "The Countdown Begins" thus being spared the shock and alarm of some of your other fans.


    I would hope that everyone knew going in that the baby was a doll adn the bullets were training rounds!

    What you guys do is amazing.

    I would be scared to be shot with your training bullets. Do you ever want to check and make sure they just have training bullets.

    Thanks to you and the teams for all you do!


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