A Bit of "Therapy"

The other day, during an unusually busy few days, I received a message from Weaselmomma.  She is the author of the blog World of Weasels.

The message was not just a regular sort of "hey check this out" sort of message, but one that said she had written something, and wanted to share with me (specifically).  Since most of my blog reading is done through a reader, I made mental note of the request, and moved on.

Not 30 minutes ago, I had a few quiet moments (Thanks to SpongeBob), and I sat down with the intent to read what she wanted me to read.

But, before I talk about that, let me reminisce...  For those of you who do not know, let me explain.  I am a 911 Dispatcher.  I take 911 calls, dispatch Police, Fire, and Ambulance.  It was less than a year ago that I had dealt with a couple of "tough" calls, and "vented" a bit.

Here (link)

And here (link)

Back to the World of Weasels.  I read her post.


I cried.  I cried real tears.

Folks - this is one you have to read.  If you have children, if you are in the "emergency services" field, or if you are a human being.  It's long.  Stay with it.

Weaselmomma left me a comment on my second post, but to be honest, I had no idea it was to the extent that it was.  Perhaps naive (or emotionless, or callused) on my part, but I had had not understood that the disposition of her situation was the same as what I was talking about.  I (naively) assumed that in her case, the outcome was different.

So often, I have to "remove" myself from the situation.  Yes, you just talked to someone who experienced the worst possible nightmare a person can imagine... But... The phone is ringing, and you do not have the luxury to ponder that fact.  The ringing phone may be another person's worst possible nightmare...

Weaselmomma's post gave me an opportunity to experience emotion.  The emotion that I am so thankful that I can turn off, and have such a difficult time turning back on. 

Thanks for turning my emotion (even if it's a nightmarishly sorrowful emotion) back on - even for a few minutes.  Thank you for reminding me that I am a human being, and reminding me that I still have some emotions deep down under all the calluses.

Maybe you wrote that post as your own "therapy", but you provided me some too.

Thoughts and prayers will be going to the Weasel family (the WHOLE Weasel family - to include Claire) tonight.


  1. The Weasles and the FoF family are all in my heart and prayers today. FOF, you are a hero and a life-line. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to do the job you do. Thank you for being there for people in crises.

  2. While the whole incident was horrific, I found myself simply infuriated over the way the father was treated. It's bad enough the men are villified as parents the world over, but for the police to automatically assume that it was HIS fault that the baby was injured, was too much.

    I can understand just wanting to move on from the whole incident, but I don't know that I wouldn't have filed a lawsuit against the police department.

  3. Thank you for sharing that.


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