It is with great fear and trepidation...

It is with great fear and trepidation that I post the following link...


In a nut-shell, out State's Governor signed an executive order to start a work-group. The work group's task is...

By January 4, 2010 the PSAP Work Group will develop a comprehensive strategy for regionally based Public Safety Answering Points throughout the state. In developing the strategy, the PSAP Work Group will consider the 2004 report to the Minnesota Legislature on PSAP Consolidation and recommend:

    • The number and recommended potential locations for regional centers;
    • A governance structure that encourages collaboration and cooperation in the operation of regional centers;
    • Funding sources for capital and operating costs;
    • A preliminary set of standard operating procedures;
    • A mitigation plan that addresses concerns identified in the 2004 PSAP Consolidation Report;
    • Incentives that might be provided to encourage migration to regional centers; and
    • A comprehensive implementation plan.

In a nut shell... By January 4, 2010 - I should know how the State of Minnesota is planning on looking at consolidating some of the independent 911 centers in the state (which may include the one I work for), and how many, and where the new "regional 911 centers" there will be.

The job I have could be no-more. Not to mention... The possibility that one of these "regional" centers may not be within driving distance of home...

This saddens me... As I have a lot of pride working for the city I do. I grew up here, I was a Police Explorer here, I did my Law Enforcement Internship here.

This also frightens me... As I have huge responsibilities to maintain our household, and provide for my wife and children...

My best guess is that I still have between three and five years before these changes could be implemented. I should be thankful that I that much notice. Many folks show up for work on a Monday morning, and find out their job was phased out on the previous Friday...

Maybe this is the sign I needed to seriously consider the Mortuary Sciences Program at the U of M.

(More on this later...)


  1. Yey for mortuary sciences. You'd rock that world. Do it. You'll like it. You'll be great at it.


  2. Combine your interests. The mob always needs a good mortician who can keep his mouth shut, right?

    Enough with the lousy humor. I am sorry to hear about this. Seems like you have a pretty good outlook on it, though.

  3. How do you know for sure Bloomington will be on the chopping block? What ever happened to "absorbing" some of the other smaller communities around us (Richfield, Edina, Airport, Eden Prairie, ect)?

    Civialian Jailer???

  4. Civilian Jailer may be an option here...

    As far as "absorbing" some of the nearby PSAPS... That could be an option... But, there is a real likelihood that I would no longer be an employee of BPD or the COB. A thought that saddens me...

    The good news (being the "glass is half full" kind of guy that I am... I estimate 3-5 years before having to do anything about this, and am thankful for that!

    Chief's Towing hiring?

  5. I'm glad that you have some kind of notice and hope that you land on your feet.

  6. As I think history has shown us, I question the wisdom of anything that takes a local service, and outsources it to a regional location. It only takes one "They sent the bam-bulance to the wrong suburb" hysterical phone call to bring down the house of cards.

  7. That is scarey.

    I am nervous enough here in California with the Governator threatening to furlough us 2 days a month. He signed the Executive Order, the Controller is fighting it. I guess I will find out Feb 6, our first furlough day.

    Bad enough a 10% cut, but to have the whole rug pulled out! It's hard not to be scared. Do your best and have faith.

    If this is a 3-5 year notice, it might be a good opportunity to explore your other interests. I HOPE that turns out to be an option you do not need.

    Keeping you and yours in my prayers. (My, the list is getting long!)

  8. I am a firm believer that stuff happens for a reason. Bigger and better things are in store for you, though they may be difficult to see just now. Hold your head high and take a deep breath, my friend, you have more to be proud of than you realize. Good people are hard to find. You are a "diamond in the rough".

  9. Mortuary Sciences Program?
    You're killin' me! (Grin)

  10. Death and taxes, eh? I would go with death. Good call. Pretty soon we won't have any money to pay taxes with anyway.

    I'm glad you have some forewarning. So many of my friends are finding out they no are no longer employed. No savings, no backup, nothing. I can't stress enough putting in a year's supply of food and necessities just in case.

  11. Dave, R-E-A-D the 2004 Consolidation Report. I have it printed on my chair. Yes, you may touch my chair, if you have washed your hands, thank you. In the 2004 report you will find detailed recommendations and they found that as the PSAP size / call load increases, the cost (money only) benefit decreases. If the PSAP is too large, there is actually MORE cost associated with consolidation. So there. By the way, I won't tell anyone about your facination with dead things, but please, get the mummified mice out of the office! Yeah, they're real cute wrapped up in tan gauze . . .yikes!



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