What's Got Me Feeling A Little Bitter


In my LAST POST I made subtle references to something that was really getting under my skin, and got me felling a little bitter.

Vent away FOF... Purge... Get the poison out...

So, I had plans to spend time with my boys at Tomahawk Scout Camp since LAST FRIGGIN' YEAR.  I picked my days on / days off rotation based on having days off so that I could go to Tomahawk without having to worry about a denied vacation request (over four months ago).  I committed to the Troop to be a chaperone, and plans were laid for me to be there.

Without going into any details here, I have been assigned to play a roll in the police staffing of the Republican National Convention held in Minneapolis / St. Paul later this year.  Without going into any details (jeopardizing the integrity of what we are doing) - I will be working with a multi-jurisdictional Mobile Field Force helping to ensure order be kept throughout the metro area during the RNC.

It was both an honor and a privilege to be asked to join the task force, and I accepted my assignment with the understanding that it comes some extra training.  (Which I expected.)

What I did not expect though was with LESS THAN TWO WEEKS NOTICE I am told that I am REQUIRED to report to a MANDITORY training day...  That any previous plans MUST be dropped. 

This  REQUIRED and MANDITORY training day and  training day just so happened to fall on one of my days off that I was committed to being at Tomahawk Scout Camp.

Don't get me wrong.  I do like my job, and am very thankful for the job I have...  But there are times that I really have a problem dealing with the costs associated with my job.

This one is not going to heal easy...  This is a pretty deep cut for me.

Then, as if frosting on the cake, my REQUIRED and MANDITORY training was spent outside.

Eleven hours in the sun, with little or no shade.

In the haste of getting home (upset that my days off (with plans) were canceled, and stuck in an hour long traffic jam, getting home at midnight (in bed between 0030 and 0100 hours) with an alarm set for 0500 (4 hours of sleep) - I forgot sun block, and sunglasses...

I pretty much cooked my face but good.  (This photo does not do it justice)

I woke today with my face all puffy and swollen... and painful.  It hurts to even blink...  

Ouch...    Ouch.... Ouch.... 


I am confident I'll get over all this... but it's just another straw on the camel's back...  Just how much more is this camel expected to carry before his back is broken?

Then, I read a post like THIS....  And it makes me even more jealous....  Sigh...


  1. Ouch!
    You should put in for workman's comp for the sunburn. Really, sun protection should be provided for the job. I hope you heal well and feel better soon - inside and out.

    What a bummer having to give up time with your guys! Sometimes life is just so unfair. I don't blame you for a bit of resentment, but I think you are the kind of guy who knows to count his blessings. You have a family you love and a job to support them - even if it literally is a pain sometimes.

    Wishing you a better day!

  2. You have my complete sympathy and total understanding on this. I have mandatory compliance training on my day off next week along with mandatory OSHA training tomorrow night that I have to go back into work for. Nothing for nothing but I do sort of have a life outside of the dispatch center as does everyone else who does our thankless jobs.

    I hope your sunburn heals quickly and that slow burn the rest of you is doing eventually dies down. I still think we're crazy for doing the jobs we do but someone has to do it ... sigh!

  3. I know how you feel. I had two weeks off. One week to relax at home and one week to camp. My week at home got canceled so I could sit 7 hours in a room with someone talking mostly about stuff I will never need to use. At least I will still have 5 days of camping (hopefully)

  4. Hold your head high, my friend. You have a very difficult job. And I, for one, sleep better at night knowing there are many folks like yourself keeping the rest of us safe and sound. My hat is off to you.

    Duck hunting starts in just a few weeks. Be ready. I'll bring the booze and steaks. You bring the cigars and good times.


  5. Glad to hear you got a couple fun days with the kids.
    Too bad work always has to take some time away.
    It make you enjoy and appreciate the time you have with the kids even more.

    Time to get some Aloe Vera gel.

  6. Don't expect me to file a grievance now! You should know better and follow the lead of other co-workers . . . cough cough . . . I mean that nansty cold/poison ivy/headache/cramping/fever/IBS/salmonella/itching/puss filled/nausea/tummy ache/allergy . . .
    File for reimbursement for the day(s) you missed. Pro rate it and submit to the Cdr.
    S// Co-Worker

  7. Hey, Pinky!

    Sorry you had to give up a trip to go back to the grind. I would be a lousy Dispatcher. I would whine waaaaay to much if stuff like that happened to me.


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