Word of the day - Sesquicentennial

This year marks our church's sesquicentennial anniversary (sesquicentennial = 150th anniversary), and for the past 12 months, our church has been planning for "the big event". 
Tonight's plans included a "once in a lifetime" celebration at our Church.
Tonight's festivities WERE to include a Polka Mass, followed by brats, hotdogs (can you tell there is a strong German Heritage here??) and a dance featuring live music by The Schleprocks. 
I say tonight's festivities "WERE" to include these items, because... well, because I was supposed to attend them with the kids.  (Mother of Five is scheduled to work).  That was until 10:30 this afternoon (half way through my shift) when the dreaded call came in...  A "mid-shift" sick call.... Sigh...
Since we were running at "minimums", the vacated shift would have to be covered.  After all calls were made, and the shifts were offered as overtime to EVERYONE, there were NO takers... 
Any other dispatchers out there??  Anyone??  Any other 'spatchers representin' ?  You know what I am going to say next - don't 'cha?  Linda... Jeff???  Come on... Don't let me down here...  Any former dispatchers??  Krystal... Bill ???  (Never mind answering Jeff... Since I delivered the bad news about you getting the other half of this shift - personally). 
Well, for those of you not "in the biz", I'll demonstrate with a little math lesson! 
(Sick Call) + (Minimum Staffing Levels) - (Anyone willing to volunteer to take the shift) = A Forced Hold Over.
What that you say?  You had plans?  You have kids at home, a wife scheduled to work, and significant plans?
Well, that's nice - to bad you are going to have to change all that...
Hey, at least I had 4 hours notice this time...  I have (in the past) had five MINUTES notice...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The good news !?!?!?  (Can you sense the heavy dose of sarcasm looming overhead?)...
On Sunday Archbishop Harry J. Flynn, Emeritus of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, will be one of the co-celebrants for Mass. A celebration luncheon will follow along with entertainment all afternoon.  This weekend's activities will conclude with a concert featuring our 10am Mass Choir. 
Which would be great, if it was not for my regularly scheduled shift... 
So, in summary... I get to miss THE ENTIRE Sesquicentennial Anniversary Celebration!
Well... I hope to make it for about 30 mintues before it's all done for the night on Saturday...
Sunday is (without question) a wash though...
I love my job... Most of the time...


  1. That's really too bad. I love church celebrations like that too.

    I'm sure if you made an annoucement that people would just delay their emergencies until Monday, wouldn't they?
    Happy Summer.

  2. Ah yes, been there - done that - canceled the plans ... have you ever noticed that call-outs and mandatory holdovers always occur when you have plans for something that is not going to happen again? Anniversaries, church or town celebrations, holidays ... it's one of those dispatcher rules I believe. "Don't schedule anything important and hope to actually get there as invariably one of your co-workers will call out and you'll be stuck sitting behind the console past your regularly scheduled shift while life continues on without you."

    I am so sorry that you had to miss your church's event - it sounds like it was going to be a really good time. Be sure to glare unflinchingly at the person who called out when they come back in, especially if they didn't have a really good reason like they were run over by a truck or spent the past 24 hours sitting on a toilet!

    Now, continue to repeat the mantra after me, "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job ..."!

  3. At least the big fish were not biting, so you didn't miss anything too exciting in Texas.

    That has got to be really tough to skip something so important to your family.

  4. Well... It's less of a "skip" and more of a "not allowed to"...

    But, either way... It was tough..

    Tonight though... I have my Mother and Father in law over for a belated Father's day shindig..

    We're firing up the firepit (pun intended) and firing up some PREMIUM cigars to go along with the fire pit.. (double pun intended)..

    Since I dont eat smores... Cigars are always my treat around the fire pit!!

    Linda, we have our fair share of questionable sick calls... Enough to make you... well.. .to make you sick.. In this case though, I believe that the subject calling in sick was truly sick... (or maybe it just feels better thinking that...) (grin)

    And DadStuff.... If you can find a way to do that, or to make a way to put emergencies on hold... You'd be a millionaire - and that would be from me alone!!!

    Thanks for the warm fuzzies guys.. It was just one of those afternoons...

  5. Buck up lil' camper. I'm sure you'll be there the Sunday they inform everyone that they're expanding and they're hoping to raise $10M over the next 3 years.

    Or...that seems to be the case whereever we go to church these days!

  6. Now you know why I am working downstairs instead of up there with you!


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