It Happened!

Get out of jai lfree Today was the day!  My good friend (and fellow blogger) Bill has successfully completed his training "final". 

As of 0400 hours today, he is on his own as Bloomington Police Officer!

Now Bill, after all these nice words I have said about you, and all the good thoughts / prayers I have sent your way - when can I expect to see that "get out of jail free" card ??


  1. I say you dispatch all the 'dead moose in the road' calls to him until you get that card!

  2. Oh, Plhueeezzzz...

    I can do WAY worse than "dead moose in the road"...

    I'm thinking of something along the lines of overflowing colostomy bag emergency!


  3. Dave...

    Thank you so very much for the kind words while I was on my final and all my FTO!

    I really appriciate all the support that you have given me!

    I hope i make you proud as I "figure out" how to do my new job!

    It has been one of the hardest choices and adventures I have ever made!

    It feels so good to be done but since my first actual shift alone is tonight, I am also nervous!

    Now you can feel free and send me as many MDC messages as you like!

    Thank you again Dave, you are a true friend!



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