Dream a Little Dream

Unlike my wife, who has always maintained that IF she does dream (and I am sure she does) she has never been able to remember her dreams when she wakes up in the morning - I, on the other hand, do frequently (and vividly) remember my dreams.  Another odd sort of fact about me is that I remember my dreams, but I also (from time to time) experience a Lucid Dream.

One of my co-workers also talks about their dreams.  The frightening thing about this person’s dreams is they are frequently about work, people we work with, our job or the department we work for.  If I had almost daily dreams about work, I would be a candidate for one of the many local crisis centers.  Thankfully, for me, the "land of dreams" are a place I can escape without (or only the most rare instances of) intrusion from my job.

A couple of days ago, I had a very odd, and unusually vivid dream, that I was able to (partially) control.  I was "aware" I was dreaming, yet not aware it was a dream.  (Yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous.)  I remember thinking to myself (part way through the dream) that I needed to find a solution to the nightmare that was unfolding in my dream. 

I know you all are voyeuristically eagerly waiting for me to share this dream with you, so here goes.

I don't recall the very beginning of the dream, or how it all got to the point that I first started remembering, but at some point in this dream, I decided that it would be fun to use one of the Bloomington Fire Department's (the department I dispatch for) Fire Engines to play a prank on my friend Ed.  In my dream, Ed still lived in his home in Richfield, so it would be easy to grab one, fool Ed, and get it back without being "caught".  I was able to rationalize the "use" of the fire engine through several observations made on my part. 

First, since I dispatch for them, I convinced myself that I was an "honorary member" of the fire department.  Therefore (as a "member" of the department) my "use" of the fire engine was O.K.

Second, since I am an authorized operator of our police department's "Command Post", and since the size of the Command Post is similar to the size of a fire engine, I told myself it would not be that different to drive, and that (even without any formal training) I would be able to drive the fire engine.

Third, Since Ed's house was only a few blocks north of the boarder of the city, the fire engine I would use would not be that far away.

So, I went to an ambiguous fire station (in my dream it was not "specific" to one of our department's actual Fire Houses - it was more of a "generic" fire house), and casually drove off with one of the fire engines, not giving it a second thought. 

I drove the engine to Ed's house, and pulled it into the back yard to "surprise" him - which he was when he came out.  We (Ed and I) started to picnic in his back yard with his portable propane grill.  We enjoyed some Ambassador wieners (the best darn hot dogs available!) while we sat next to the fire engine and visited.  All of a sudden I noticed a very small amount of smoke coming from a back bedroom window of Ed's house.

Seeing smoke from the house, I made the decision to utilize the resource I had with me (the fire engine).  Never having had any training, I was still able to quickly grab a length of hose, attach it, charge the line, and run up to the house, hose in hand, ready to put out a fire (all without having had any training mind you).  Peeking into the window I noticed that the entire room was charred and blackened.  There were no flames visible but everything (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc) all resembled charcoal, and the room was hazy and smoky.  With a charged length of fire hose, and a window to the char broiled room into Ed's house in front of me, I decided to break out the window and douse the room with water "just to be on the safe side".

About the time I turned on the water, I heard the sounds of the sirens from Richfield fire trucks off in the distance.  They sounded like they were coming closer and at first I assumed that they responding to Ed's house - but then the sound of the sirens started trailing off, and they sounded like they were headed in a different direction.  This is the FIRST time it occurs to me, that BFD may have needed (or may be missing) the fire truck I had taken, and that this "joke" I played on Ed may have been a really bad idea!

I remember waking up at this point, feeling very anxious / nervous, wondering what I was going to do.  I quickly came to a realization that I had been dreaming! I sort of let myself fall back asleep with the idea that I was going to "fix" this problem...  (This is how I get lucidity in my dreams - I fall back asleep thinking about what I want to happen next) And that is the point where THIS dream became "Lucid".

The next memory I have of this dream is when I pulled the fire truck back into the fire house (and this time, it WAS a Bloomington Fire Station - It was Station #1 (which would not make any sense, this is the only staffed station throughout the day)).  Since I did not want to be caught with the fire truck and I thought the station was empty, I pulled the fire truck into an empty bay.  Just as I was exiting the truck, a firefighter (that I did not recognize) saw me & the "missing" fire truck, and shouted "Hey you!".  At this point, I jumped off the truck, and started running.  I ran through the fire station, and made it as far as the parking lot before I fully woke up from this dream.

In the first few moments of being awake I felt scared.  My pulse was racing, and I was sweating... I felt worried about losing my job, fearful that I was going to be arrested, ashamed that I had even done something so foolish (and that I should have known better).  It was only a few moments before I realized that it had all been a dream. 

I did try to put myself back into a "Lucid Dream", with the thought that I was going to successfully "get away" with this "scott free" - but I was too worked up to ever fall back asleep.

Now, as to WHY I had such an odd dream... Well, the only "connection" I can come up with that bridges reality and this dream is a blog I happened to stumble across that same day.  It is a blog by one of "BFD's finest" called More Coffee Please.  The first post I found was THIS ONE.  If you look at the photos in that post, (the way they are situated), it almost appears that  the fire truck was parked in front of a residential home.... 


  1. I'm laughing out loud as I read this! What a vivid and crazy dream! I love how you rationalized your use of the truck. And the part about hosing down the bedroom, "just to be on the safe side"... Too Funny!

    Sorry to cause you distress, but thanks for reading!
    BFD #300

  2. Hey, just stumbled across your site from someone else linking to it. Very enjoyable!

  3. It was all just a dream.
    But why was there ketchup on your shirt from a hot dog?

  4. ...and I'm thinking:

    A dream about your best guy friend; eating some hot dogs, and then you pull out the fire hose.

    Man, I don't know!

    Nah, I'm just "yankin'" yer chain!
    Oh crap! I gotta stop!

    So, you DID know you'd get heck for this one right? Feel free to stop by and make fun of me today too.

  5. I never realized how "Freudian" this dream seemed. I just remember being so darn scared about having stolen a firetruck! I thought for sure I was going to be going to jail...

  6. Dave,
    I hope you didn't eat ALL of the mushrooms!
    Remember to leave an opening in your bed covers for fresh air.

  7. Just thought I'd pop in and wish you a happy Telecomm Week! From one stressed out dispatcher to another - thank you for all you do!


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