How ironic that Bill posted the We Miss You Chief post this morning.

You see, If you have been a regular visitor here, you will remember that it was not that long ago that I took things way down, and discussed how I felt I Had Failed my family. That was almost two months ago. It was pointed out that I may have been dragging my heels on this. I am sure there is some truth to this. I do like Molly, and am frankly worried about how the kids will react.

After seeing Bill this morning at work, and consoling him about how I felt he was doing the right thing, and how sometimes right thing to do can be the hardest thing to do. Not long after Bill left, my wife paged me. I had plans to start repairing our washing machine after work, but she called to tell me that we were going to have to cancel our plans, and have a little party instead.

Intrigued... I asked the obvious. The answer hit me a little harder than I expected. We were going to have a "Goodbye Party" for Molly instead. My wife had searched out, located, and has been in contact with South West Metro Animal Rescue. They had found a foster home that will keep Molly until a "forever home" can be found for her. (That makes me just sick to admit. I assumed our house would be her "forever home"...)

So tonight, we forsake all other plans, and are going to have some final time together with Molly, and tomorrow morning, she is will go see the Rescue Center's Vet (standard procedure - even though I have all paperwork for all her vet visits - it's just something that they do), and her new foster family will pick her up from the vet.

I am getting choked up just writing this.

I did have the opportunity to talk to the coordinator at the Animal Rescue at one point of this process. She was very patient, and reassuring. She claimed to understand our situation, and I felt like she did. They have made this difficult situation just a wee bit easier...

It's funny how easy it is to try and help someone else dealing with a problem, when faced with the same problem, you (or at least I) can not seem to find the ability to put the same advise I just gave to my own situation...

Please indulge me just a bit. Many of you that know me - know that I am a regular chruch goer. I make a HUGE sacrifice to send my chidlren to Catholic School. Some of you that know me, may also be surpised to here this, as I am not an overtly religious person. I do though, pray to myself very often! What all of you (who know me and who dont know me) dont hear what goes on in my head. I'll share a little bit.
For Molly:

Please God, help this not be too hard for the kids to handle. Give me the strength to be strong, and an example of what being a responsible pet owner, and good parent is all about for the sake of my children. Please God, also watch over Molly. Let her new home offer her all the things we could not, and her new caretakers provide her the attention she deserves, and we could not provide her. She is a wonderful one of your creations, and deserves all the best this world has to offer her. We thank you for the time you have allowed her to stay with us, and will cherish what she has brought to our house.

I will have some photos available from our party tonight, and will update this post with some of those photos.

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  1. Geez, now you got me going.
    I promised our rescue that our home was her "forever home".
    I DON'T watch "Emergency Vet" on Animal Channel nor will I ever watch the movie "Old Yeller" again.
    Pets - or in most cases - our other family members, are gifts.
    We only have them for a short while.
    There is nothing more uplifting -especially after a long, difficult,frustrating day, than to have some"one" so happy to see
    you walk through the door.
    No matter how many times you may have yelled at them the day before, or didn't take the time to just play . . . they still make you think their world revolves around you.
    I have learned much about myself looking through my dog's eyes.
    Yes, she gets to sleep on the bed.


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