Third Time is the Charm!

Here is a recall to an old post titled "A Thanksgiving Turkey Tale" that was dated 11-24-2006 - Just shy of 1 year ago...

Tonight, like that day, I took a call from resident who had a wild turkey crash into (but not through) their window. The turkey had broken it's neck, and subsequently died. The homeowner called the police because even though the turkey was less than 10 minutes dead, and was bagged and in the trash when they called. They contacted the police with their concerns that the carcass would start to rot and stink by the end of the week (when their garbage collector came around).

Since one of my duties here is to "serve the community" I work for, I felt offering to take the remains from the distraught caller was something I SHOULD... no, my duty REQUIRED me to provide. (Yes, I know, I know... It's a sacrifice... But, hey.. Someone has to step up to the plate, and take the high road - it may as well be me!)

The caller was both surprised that anyone would want such a thing, and (at the same time) relieved that bird would not go to waste!

We (at the police department) frequently do this with deer. I take it upon myself each fall, to update and maintain the "Deer Kill List". The "Deer Kill List" is a list of persons who are interested in being notified when a deer is recently killed by motor vehicle accident, or has to be dispatched for whatever reason.

I was very excited! The officer that picked up the turkey was told by the caller that the dispatcher who offered to take the turkey sounded "giddy". After two unsuccessful prior attempts, the possibility of actually getting one home WAS making me "giddy". The officer picked it up, and delivered to me.

I made a quick stop at my parents home to show them, and it was off to home with my "booty"!

When I arrived home, the Mother of Five had told all the kids what had happened, and they were all patiently waiting for me to get home so they could see the turkey for themselves. After a quick "show and tell" session, the turkey was hung in the garage, the kids tucked into bed, and I prepared to get to the task at hand.

Armed with a couple of good knives a new game sheers (Thanks Ed!) - about an hour later I had a platter full of wild turkey meat, a grocery bag full of feathers, and garbage bag of "what was left" of the turkey.

I spent another (almost) hour cleaning, and preparing the meat for storage.

When it was all said and done, I ended up with a platter full of drumsticks, thighs, and misc pieces, and a full sized dinner plate of turkey breasts. They all were stuffed into a "seal-a-meal" bag, and were... well... Sealed!

There will (at some point) be a follow up to this post - after the turkey is "consumed".

Disclaimer: This is a true story and can be documented at BP071021-061317.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Update: 11-23-07 (the day after Thanksgiving 2007).

No, we did not consume the turkey for Thanskgiving. I was at work, and had little to no say in the days cuisine. I will dedicate a whole meal to this turkey in the "not too distant" future - and will go into detail just how it all turned out.

Thank you for your patience while this post sat unfinished for so long.


  1. Looks good, almost like what I had for dinner. But my cleaning consisted of taking some plastic off . . . I think I'll stick with my way.


  2. I hate you! Now that if that were to happen while I was on the street I would MAKE SURE to share the wealth with my nature loving friend.....

  3. THE CLAW! You are too much sometimes but I am happy for you. You Wild Turkey dream has come true - HOORAY!

  4. Wild Turkey Surprise! Yum!


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