Mixed Emotions

Today, at the King of Clubs, my friend Bill had a HUGE announcement. In a comment I left for him, I sent him the following sentiments...

Bill, it is with mixed emotions that congratulate you on this wonderful

Since you started working with the COB as a dispatcher, I have considered
you a friend. It is as a friend that I am saddened to see you leave. Yet, it is
as a friend that I am also very excited to see you move forward!

You know that I wish you all the best, and that you stay safe from harm as
you take up the honorable duty to serve and protect the citizens of Bloomington
(which include both family and friends).

Stay safe - and I hope to be able to continue the friendship we have
established over the past five years. It may not seem like it, but it is a
meaningful friendship to me.

I know without a doubt, that I will be seeing less of you over the next few
months, and as you are busy on your field training, I will do my best to "leave
you alone" (grin) - but please know that you go with my thoughts,
prayers, and best wishes - and that if there is anything I can do to help you
successfully complete your journey - DO NOT hesitate to

Please, take care of yourself, and (as I frequently tell our
) - "have a safe shift".

Proud to be your dispatching friend.

I truly wish Bill all the best, and pray that he remains safe as he does what I truly never had the courage to complete.

We have had others come and go - taking the same trail as Bill has. They too also left with my best wishes, and I am glad to see how they have succeeded over the years. But Bill has become what I consider a close friend. It is as both a (soon to be former) colleague and truly a good friend that I can feel confident Bill will undoubtedly find success in the step(s) he is taking.

Regardless of my mixed feelings about your departure from our 9-1-1 center - As stated in the comment left for you, I wish you nothing but success and safety.

Since I will be seeing you much less frequently, be sure to keep your blog updated with how things are going, and oh-yeah... one other thing... Since I kissed your "arss" so much here, do I get one of them "get out of jail free cards"????

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  1. Thanks for the very kind words Dave! You know me well enough and that I will always remember where I came from....I will truly miss dispatch and being able to work with everyone on a daily basis.

    I just hope I don't turn into one of THOSE officers! ;)

    Thanks again friend!


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