It couldn't be...

I have made it a rule to speak little if any about my work. I am afraid there is too much liability with talking about what goes on there. There are plenty who do, but - suffice it to say it's not for me.

Today though, I will push the limit of my "unwritten rule", and (while being intentionally vague), share something with you that is just too surreal to not share.

It has made it's way around the Internet, and has landed in my email box more than once. Perhaps you to have heard it. If you are one of the few that have not, follow the link to a Google search for either the audio or video versions of "BlondeStar".

I wont go into great detail here, but this is a mock OnStar commercial where a dim witted (presumably blonde) female contacts "BlondeStar" (an OnStar like in vehicle emergency service) because she has locked herself INSIDE her car.

Funny huh? Yup, think about it for a moment... Lock yourself INSIDE your car??

Well folks, every time I think I have "heard it all", I undoubtedly get another call that refreshes my belief (and fear) that the human species is doomed. Yesterday I found another opportunity to add to that fear, when I actually took a 911 call that was disturbingly similar to that BlondStar commercial. I would not have believed that the call was real, but the caller was what I would describe (by voice) as "elderly", and in a state of panic.

Now, understand dear readers, that while this was a terrifying experience for the caller, and realizing that could have been my grandparent, I could not have helped but chuckle once the call was complete - having heard the BlondeStar commercial several times in the past.

I do realize that using humor to deal with the stress of my job, has guaranteed me special chair (it even has my name carved in it) at the devil's head table in hell, and that someday I will pay for my methods, I just hope when it is my turn, someone will be able to laugh at me!

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  1. You know that Blondstar video was written and directed by daddybloging's very own LA Daddy?


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