Last night I was pulled over by a police officer. I was going down a backroad two lane highway that changes from 55mph to 45mph as it went thru a small town. The officer had slowed down, and pulled into the shouder before I even passed him.

Right away (before he even turned the lights on), I pulled over. He did indeed activate his emergency lights and pulled up behind me.

He approached the car, and I already had my drivers license in my hand.

Officer: "Good Evening"

Me: "Same to you. Sorry you had to pull me over, I bet I was speeding huh?"

Officer: "So you know why I pulled you over then?"

Me: "Yes sir, I do."

Officer: "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Me: "Honestly, no. I belive I was doing more than 55 mph, maybe close to 60."

Officer: "You were doing 61 in a 45 zone"

Me: "I am sorry. I am driving my wife's van, and am not used to a smooth quiet ride. Normally I drive a dilapitated Ford Escort, and this road feels so much like a freeway. I have no real excuse for speeding execpt my inattention. I should have been paying closer attention."

Officer: (Looking at my License) "Mr. Melin, please be more careful, slow down a bit, and watch the speed limit signs a little more carefully."

Me: Yes Sir. I will be doing that.

Officer: (Handing back my Drivers License). You can pull out as soon as I turn off my emergency lights.

Me: Yes sir... Thank you sir.

(Notice, not one mention that I work for another nearby police department - Heck I did not even have my work ID with me for the officer to accidently see.)

What a cool cop. Using the "Spirit of the Law" rather than the "Letter of the Law", he used his discrestion in dealing with me. Considering I have a clean driving record (and thanks to this officer, I still do), the rural road I was on, my cooperation, and the honest account of what I did helped convince the officer that this is not my nomral behavior, and that the warning he gave me was sufficent to keep my attention a little more focused on the speed limit, and how fast I was going. (Which it did by the way!)

When I thought I was doing (around) 55mph, I thought there may be a chance I was going to get off with a warning. When he told me 61mph, I told myself that I was getting my first speeding ticket (and rightfully so).

I was shocked, and nicely surprised to not have not gotten a (deserved) tag.



  1. ....what did they call it in grade school? brown nose?!?!?!?!!!! hehehehe I guess it wasn't quota time! sis

  2. Someone your age that has never had a moving violation has probally been breaking the law way to long and deserves a tag. Then again, if you keep driving the Escort long enough someone will give you a couple dozen equipment violation tags!


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