I'm leaving in the morning.

I have had a VERY busy week. In addition to my regular work schedule, I took some last minute "Sick-call" overtime, and have been away from work on a two day training seminar called "Mission Crititical Communicatons". I actually walked away from this training with some new ideas, and a little "renewed excitment" for what I do. All and all, it was a pretty good training session.

Well, I am leaving in the morning for a 3 day duck/grouse/squirrel hunting trip to Ed's cabin. I am looking forward to this trip, but also feel bad - It's a busy weekend at home for the family, and I am leaving it all for Michele to handle.

I will be back on Monday Night, and I have the rest of the week off to make up for being gone for the weekend. Maybe I can talk someone into watching the kiddos Friday night so I can take Michele out.

I hope to have a new entry for my very infrequently used "Dad's Hunting Joural" blog. You will have to watch for an update there.

Until then, wish me luck!


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