One more day of extended shifts...

Today (Wed) was supposed to be a regular 3-11 shift for me. Last week, the police department I work for took delivery or our new "Command Post", and as one of the designated drivers, I was trained in on the operation of said "CP". The training supervisor got in touch with me earlier this week and told me I needed to take a crash course in driving a Commercial Vehichle.

Today was the only day he was able to work with me on this.. So - it's another early in for me again today... (that makes 5 of them in a row - I cant even begin to tell you how tired I am. I have not been able to sleep the last few days.)

Normally I will not talk specifics about my work here - I am sure my department would not look kindly upon it, and many 911 dispatchers have blogs where they talk about work. Most of thoes include posts about how they got in trouble at work for keeping the blog, have had to edit it, and have to senser future posts...
But, here's a couple of pictures. (I dont think I am violating any policies here..)

#1 A picture of me talking to the company rep during the vehicle inspection.
#2 An overall picture of the CP.

This thing is an AMAZING vehicle... You would not believe all the function it has if I told you!

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  1. Waaay cool. Come on - what's inside?


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